My Trusty, Insatiable Genius.

My Dear Watson

“The love of learning, the sequestered nooks,
And all the sweet serenity of books.”

Seven years I have known and loved you, and seven years of continual surprise you’ve given me. Through our shared need to learn and study and suction information, each day you teach me something new, as I hope I teach you in return. First it was simply “learning”, now it’s Masters degrees and Doctorates, book piles and internet data overload. We’ve certainly come a fair distance since I stood on those stools, desperate to be taller than you in a class I didn’t understand. How you amaze me with your endless intelligence and innate ability for almost everything. (We won’t count drawing.)

You taught me the cerebral importance of learning something new everyday, no matter how trivial or irrelevant that thing may be. Yesterday, I learned that True Blood averages a viewership of 8 million an episode. I learned that Philadelphia has more murals than any other city in the USA. I learned that wasps only bother us at the end of summer because they need sugar, and want ours.

it may not be terribly inspirational. It’s certainly not terribly interesting.

But I know that when the white winds blow and the cockroaches arise from their burrows, it will all turn out to be useful. 



Butterflies, 2.

Trapped dreams and endless boundaries,

All around, the summer slows.

Sitting beside the prickly bramble bush,

The Speckled Wood, she rests.

Dashing and flitting, she worries;

Blind phantom, come deliver me from this Blue Adonis,

Who threatens my small world.